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A Software Developer Specializing in Live Dealer Games – Extreme Live Gaming

Author: Caroline Richardson, Reviewed by: Jack Cooper
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Extreme Live Gaming is a relative newcomer to the world of online casino games, as it was founded just a few years ago in 2013. Its headquarters are in London, and the sole purpose of the company has been to take live casino games to a new level of competition and entertainment. At least, that’s what it says on the official website.

Extreme Live Gaming Software Provider

Still very much in its infancy, Extreme specializes in providing live dealer games for its customers, but currently only offers roulette, blackjack and baccarat. This is a very short list of products and we’ve heard that the live dealers don’t exhibit the same charisma as other live dealer providers, but this is something that can easily be addressed in the future. Extreme has managed to negotiate some lucrative deals in the short time it has been operating and provided live casino games for some very reputable online casinos.

Extreme Live Gaming has a limited portfolio of games

The software being offered by Extreme is a little limited in that there are currently only three products on offer. Obviously, we have high hopes for this changing and with big names working in partnership with this provider it’s pretty certain the list will be added to in time. For now, however, you can only play blackjack, baccarat and roulette, as an Extreme Live Gaming casino.

Extreme Live Gaming baccarat games

Baccarat games provided by Extreme are of the form where wins on the banker pay even money. Except in the case of a total of 6, which pays 1 to 2. Players in the UK will be offered a version of the game called Punto Banco 2000, while in the US it’s called Commission Free Baccarat and Nepal Baccarat in Singapore. The house edge on the three primary bets are as follows:

Side bets are also available and include player pair/banker pair/small and big.

Payouts are as follows:

Blackjack live dealer game

Extreme Live Gaming blackjack games use eight decks. The rules are as follows:

The house edge under these rules works out at 0.62%. Click on the help screens for the game and a return of 99.59% is claimed. In other words this would work out at a house edge of 0.41%. We’re not sure how this figure was worked out, however.

Side bets are allowed of the following format:

Live roulette from Extreme Live Gaming

There are far more variants of roulette than either blackjack or baccarat. However, a number of them are just single-zero roulette, dressed up in a different skin. Even the dealers are the same as you jump from one variant to the other. The variants include the following:

Another variation that’s available is a triple-wheel game that allows players to bet on any of three games at once. A French roulette game can also be found at certain online casinos and in this game players lose only half on even money bets should the ball land in zero.

House edges are 2.70% for single-zero roulette on all bets. For French roulette, the house edge is 1.35%. Even money bets have a house edge of 1.35% and its 2.70% on all others. Side bets are also an option and are based on a randomly chosen symbol on every spin. Different games will feature different symbols, but payouts and probabilities will always be the same.

All Extreme Live Gaming games can be enjoyed using a number of portable devices. The games have been fully optimized, using HTML5 protocols. Players can choose whether to play in portrait or landscape mode and all the game features have been adapted for mobile devices.  

Extreme Live Gaming has a new product called Extreme Live Box

This new product from Extreme Live Gaming promises players an experience as close to real live action as is possible. Live feeds are taken from popular casinos and streamed directly to players. This provides them with the ability to bet in a top ranking baccarat casino using their own device. Extreme Live Box is the first integrated solution of its kind providing a table gaming feed direct from a land-based casino floor. Regulation permitted, bets can be placed from anywhere in the world. On the same baccarat game and at the same time as players who are betting inside the land-based casino. There are plenty of additional features included in the streamed games and operators are also able to customize the look and feel of their own virtual casino. HTML5 is used to allow players to access the action using a variety of different desktop, mobile and tablet devices. With the help of Extreme Live Box players are able to play at some of the most popular land-based casino tables located in Europe. Casino Admiral in Gibraltar is the first that has chosen to partner with Extreme and the hope is that others will jump onboard.

Is Extreme Live Gaming safe and secure?

Extreme Live Gaming is licensed and regulated in a number of different jurisdictions. These include the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority. The games provided are regularly audited by independent organizations such as eCOGRA and Quinel. Extreme is committed to responsible gaming and makes use of the Novomatic Groups Responsible Gaming Code. There are a number of important criteria included within this code. For example:

Extreme is also playing a part in the initiative known as Play Nice. The aim of this initiative is to educate players and ensure that gambling continues to be a fun and entertaining activity. Players who want to know more can visit the Playnice website that has been specially designed to teach them more about how gaming works and how players can continue to enjoy safe and fun gaming. It is especially aimed at players who may have concerns about the length of time they find themselves playing and how much they spend.

Extreme Live Gaming is a responsible and reliable gaming developer and regularly allows outside organizations to audit its games. The selection of games may be much smaller than other developers, but it’s still early days for this company. The future is looking very rosy as its software and games are pushed out to a wider audience. This is thanks to a collaboration with NYX. Many online casinos use NYX software and Extreme can be brought onboard in more places.

The benefits of using Extreme Live Gaming come in the form of its cutting edge technology, professional live dealers, a gaming experience that’s easy to customize.

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