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Looking for a new baccarat version to try? Or just interested in some fun facts about your favorite game? This section of our blog tells you who’s who and what’s what in baccarat. Find out all about the latest releases from the leading software developers, hot casino promos, and detailed guides to the origins and modern ways of baccarat.

Little-Known Yet Fascinating Baccarat Statistics

Baccarat is an interesting casino game that gives astonishing odds and can be played on online baccarat sites and offline worldwide.

Hit Bigger Wins than Ever Before Playing Lightning Baccarat

Some casino games inspire numerous variants, for instance, there are online casinos that offer their players 15 to 20 different versions of blackjack. Unfortunately, there are very few variants of baccarat beyond the three main forms of the game. However, Evolution, a market-leading provider of live... Read more

Choosing Between Commission and Non-Commission Baccarat

Before playing any online casino game, it is essential to ensure you fully understand the rules. This also applies to Baccarat. While the game is built on a very simple principle, two versions are commonly found at online casinos and there are important but subtle differences between them. Here we e... Read more

Baccarat Banque and Chemin de Fer Compared

Baccarat has long been a favorite game of the gambling elite and as such, there has always been an air of mystery around it. Thanks to the rise of online gambling, all can now enjoy the game, regardless of the size of a player’s bankroll. However, nearly every version of the online bacca... Read more

Baccarat Lucky Six Now Available at SA Gaming

SA Gaming has launched a new version of baccarat with an exciting type of side bet that promises the possibilities of big wins. In fact, Baccarat Lucky Six gives players the chance to win up to 20x when the Banker wins a hand with a total of 6 points. The Lucky Six side bet pays out 12x the stake wh... Read more

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