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SA Gaming Presents SA Euro in Partnership with Vivo Gaming

One of the most recognizable brands in the Asian market, SA Gaming has partnered up with Vivo Gaming for a new and dedicated studio deal. To begin with, the branded studio will incorporate five baccarat tables and one European roulette table into its range. Vivo Gaming ... Read more

Betting and Gaming Council Reveals Code of Conduct for Game ...

New rules have been unveiled by the UK Betting and Gaming Council (BGC), which its members must follow with regard to game design and speed of spins. These rules have been introduced with regard to the higher responsible gambling standards recently brought into place in... Read more

The UK Casino Industry Calls for a “Lifeline” After a Govern...

The British authorities have confirmed that the country’s hospitality sector will need to stick to a 10 pm curfew, as they battle to keep the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK from spreading further. Casinos are included in this restriction, with leading figures from the gamb... Read more

China-Centric Online Casinos Hit by New Philippine Tax

A new tax that is being imposed on the online casino industry in the Philippines is expected to hit their China-facing casinos heavily. In fact, it is predicted by some sources that a number of these casinos, where online baccarat is the most popular game, could be forc... Read more

Las Vegas Casino Bars Reopen at Fifty Percent Capacity

Bars in Las Vegas have been cleared to open for businesses again, following their closure in July as the US battled to lower the COVID-19 infection rate. Now, they need to comply with strict safety measures and only allow in half the number of clients that they could pr... Read more

Microgaming to Obtain ORYX Gaming Content

A distribution deal has been signed between Microgaming and ORYX, which will see the former incorporate the latter’s content into its aggregation platform. As a part of this deal, the RGS platform from ORYX features unique content, with proprietary and regionally custom... Read more
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