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Visitor Numbers Down at Atlantic City Casinos While Online G...

While New Jersey online gambling market is going from strength to strength, recent figures from the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) reveal that Atlantic City land casinos are yet to reach their pre-pandemic numbers. The latest figures from the DGE show t... Read more

Credit Cards and Crypto iGaming Payments Banned in Brazil

New payment rules have been introduced for Brazil’s regulated online gambling market that prevent operators from accepting payments by credit card or cryptocurrency from Brazilian customers. The rules were published last month by the Regulatory Policy of the Prizes and ... Read more

Macau Baccarat GGR Grows 68% in Q1 2024

Recently published government data showed that the gross gaming revenue GGR from VIP baccarat in Macau surged by 68% year-on-year in the first quarter of this year. According to Macau’s regulator, the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau, or DICJ, the VIP growth in... Read more

Rabbits’ Feet and Card Squeezing – Bringing Baccarat Players...

Gambling and superstition often go hand in hand and this is especially true of baccarat. There are many players who have lucky charms, such as a rabbit’s foot, or who follow specific rituals when they play. While there may not be any truth to baccarat superstitions or g... Read more

Exploring the World’s Top Destinations for Baccarat Players...

From its humble roots in fifteenth-century Italy, baccarat has grown into a global phenomenon. The game was once the reserve of the gambling elite. Only the highest of rollers were welcome at the tables and huge sums of money were bet. However, today, no matter where yo... Read more

End of an Era as Tropicana Las Vegas Closes Its Doors

After 67 years, the Tropicana Las Vegas, a true icon of the famous Strip, closed its doors earlier this month. Over the years, the casino rose to fame for numerous reasons. It was popular with the Rat Pack and it was also known to have mob connections. The Tropicana eve... Read more
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