Personalized Player Protection Coming from Entain

Entain Launches New Player Protection Measures

Entain, the leading betting and gaming operator, has announced the launch of its Advanced Responsibility and Care (ARC) player protection initiative with fourteen of its UK brands by this summer.

The aim is to identify the players who are most at risk of potential financial problems and proactively impose bet limits and stricter affordability checks upon them. As a result, Entain says that it will be the first leading operator to implement a combination of personalized technology-led player protection, affordability checks, and individual bet limits.

“For those we believe are at most financial risk, we set limits which only increase if those individuals share certain information about their affordability. This means the vast majority of customers who show no indications of financial risk can still bet with us freely,” said Peter Marcus, Entain Group Operations Director.

He explained that the company believes that it is an important step in maintaining personal freedoms, while it will also help the horseracing industry where there are concerns about the impact of blanket measures.

The affordability framework will use open source and commercially available data on players combined with behavioral indicators.

“We firmly believe that a more personalised, individual approach to player protection is the way forward which is why, for the most vulnerable customers, we have taken action as soon as we can. We are deeply committed to giving every customer the best experiences and protection we can, tailored to their particular needs,” explained Jette Nygaard-Andersen, CEO of Entain.

The ARC will undergo further development with additional models and behavioral indicators under work, and the plan is to implement variable bet limits that are dependent on the risk level of the player. It is set to be live across all Entain UK brands by the summer and it will be customized for other countries later in the year.

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