Argentinian Provinces Continue to Legalize Online Gambling

Online gambling in Cordoba

A bill has been put forward in the Argentinian province of Cordoba that will legalize online gambling in the region if it is passed.

The bill will establish online gaming, defined as “carried out by electronic, computerized, telecommunication means or through other interactive procedures,” in the region. At present, the bill is awaiting committee approval following its introduction at the beginning of the month.

The hope is that by legislating online gambling, illegal gambling can be eradicated, and players’ rights can be safeguarded in accordance with the province’s constitution.

The bill will cover table games and slots together with sports betting and lotteries. Licenses will be available to any operators based in Cordoba, while foreign operators may receive one license in association with a national legal entity under a Temporary Union of Companies (UTE) in Argentina. However, foreign operators will not be allowed to contribute more than 35% of a licensee, and the licenses shall expire after 20 years if not renewed.

Furthermore, operators will be required to ensure that games contain features allowing players to set deposit limits, request temporary or permanent exclusions, and alert players when they have been playing for three hours with further alerts every hour. Advertising and promotion of online gambling will only be allowed if the advertising party has the required permits issued by the enforcement authority.

Some of the profits from online gambling in Cordoba will go towards funding the lottery. In January 2021, the province of Buenos Aires legalized online gambling and awarded licenses to seven operators. The city of Buenos Aires, which is a distinct autonomous region, has also issued licenses after it set out criteria in February this year. There are also plans to legalize online gambling in the province of Corrientes.

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