Perfect Pairs Side Bet Now Available at Pragmatic Play Live Baccarat Tables

pragmatic play live baccarat side bets

Some baccarat purists may turn their nose up at side bets and there is no denying that many side bets have an enormous house edge. However, many players find that they introduce another layer of excitement to the game and as long as they are properly budgeted, there is absolutely no reason to avoid them.

In exciting news for fans of online baccarat, Pragmatic Play has extended and expanded its licensing agreement with Galaxy Gaming. Before signing the new deal Pragmatic Play offered the 21+3 and Perfect Pairs side bets on its blackjack games, and now the Perfect Pairs side bet will be available to players at the developer’s Live Baccarat tables as well.

A Closer Look at the Side Bet

The addition of the side bet means that players have more chances to win with each hand. The bet is not complicated, but it is worth looking at in a bit more detail.

The Perfect Pairs side bet can be placed on the Player hand, the Banker hand, or both. If the first two cards dealt to the relevant hand are one of three types of pairs, then the bet wins. The winning pairs are:

  • Perfect Pair – Two identical cards
  • Colored Pair – Either two black cards or two red cards of the same rank
  • Mixed Pair – Cards of the same numerical value but one black and one red

Probability of a Perfect Pair

Pragmatic Play Live Baccarat games are all played with an eight-deck shoe. This means that at the beginning, there are 416 cards. If we start by looking at the probability of a Perfect Pair being dealt, once the first card has been dealt, there are seven identical cards remaining in the shoe of 415 cards.

This means that on the first deal from a shoe, the odds of a Perfect Pair being dealt are 7/415, which is roughly 0.0169. This is a probability of about 1.69%.

Of course, as the game goes on, with between 4 and 6 cards dealt per round, the number of cards in the shoe decreases. Calculating the probability of a Perfect Pair after the first round requires knowledge of exactly which cards have been dealt. If a card of a certain rank and suit has been dealt, the odds of getting a Perfect Pair of that particular card decrease.

Probability of a Colored Pair

A Colored Pair is two cards of the same rank and color. Each rank (e.g. 2, 10, K, etc.) has two cards of the same color in a deck; therefore, in an eight-deck shoe, there are 16 cards of each rank and color.

Once the first card is dealt, there are 8 cards remaining in the shoe that could complete the Colored Pair. This means that the odds of being dealt a colored pair at the start of a shoe is 8/415, which is roughly 0.0192, or a probability of 1.93%.

Probability of a Mixed Pair

When it comes to Mixed Pairs, the cards simply need to have the same rank and be of a different suit and color. In a single deck, there are four cards of each rank, meaning in an eight-deck shoe, 32 cards of each rank.

However, the cards must be of different colors. Therefore, once the first card is dealt, there are 16 cards remaining in the shoe that could complete the Mixed Pair. This means that the odds of being dealt a Mixed Pair from a new eight-deck shoe are 16/415, which is roughly 0.0389 or a probability of 3.86%.

Perfect Pairs Payouts and House Edge

While the probabilities may sound low, the payouts are generous. A Mixed Pair pays at 5:1, a Colored Pair pays at 10:1 and a Perfect Pair pays at 30:1.

Nearly all side bets have a very large house edge, and this one is no exception. First, we need to look at the value of each payout, which is calculated by multiplying the probability by the payout:

  • Perfect Pair – 30 X 0.0169 = 0.507
  • Colored pair – 10 X 0.0192 = 0.193
  • Mixed Pair – 5 X 0.0389 = 0.193

If we then sum up these values, we get a total of 0.893 or 89.3%. Therefore, the house edge on the Perfect Pairs side bet is 10.7%. While this is large, it is not as large as the house edge on the baccarat Tie bet, which is 14.36%.

No Losers from Partnership Expansion

As mentioned, the Perfect Pairs side bet has long been available at Pragmatic Play’s Live Blackjack tables. The introduction of the bet to the Live Baccarat tables is beneficial to all involved: Pragmatic Play, Galaxy Gaming, casino operators, and players.

When the deal was announced, Matt Reback, President and CEO of Galaxy Gaming, commented:

“We’re thrilled to be extending and expanding our partnership with Pragmatic Play. They deliver a first-class Live and RNG casino environment experience enhanced by our world-famous side bets. Our continued partnership aligns with our long-term strategy to deliver the best table game content to operators and players everywhere.”

Similarly, Pragmatic Play’s Chief Operating Officer COO Irina Cornides, said, “Pragmatic Play has enjoyed a successful partnership with Galaxy Gaming, and we’re delighted to deepen our cooperation as part of our continued product expansion.”

A Huge Amount to Enjoy

With the addition of this side bet, Pragmatic Play’s impressive Live Baccarat product has moved up a level. There are several games to choose from, including Speed Baccarat, Super 8 Baccarat, Fortune 6 Baccarat (each with its own side bets), and Mega Baccarat, which is more like a game show and offers a fun bonus round. Whether you are a complete newcomer or a true online baccarat connoisseur, Pragmatic Play has you covered.

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