Fully Funded GambleAware PhD Courses Will Commence in 2021

GambleAware Announce Funding for Problem

The UK’s responsible gambling charity, GambleAware, have announced that they are offering a total of six grants for a three-year PhD course relating to problem gambling programs.

These grants will be 100% funded by GambleAware and apply to courses commencing in the 2012/2022 academic year.

GambleAware have stated that any university or institution which hosts the course must show proof of being already involved in supplying PhD programs of a similar nature.

Providers are also required to show that they have carried out research into the potentially harmful effects of gambling, such as the negative impact on communities and young people in particular.

“This PhD grant award will go direct to universities and will help build a detailed knowledge of the experience of gambling harm within specific communities.
It will also provide a unique opportunity for PhD students, who are at the start of their careers, to develop an expertise in an emerging field. They will have the chance to complete a thorough, in-depth piece of research over several years, which will contribute to building the knowledge and evidence of lived experiences of gambling harms.” Alison Clare, GambleAware

GambleAware have been particularly active in carrying out studies into the harmful effects of gambling.

In July of this year, the charity shared details of a study that showed that problem gamblers usually spend more money on non-gambling activities when compared to people who don’t gamble at all.

In June of this year, GambleAware initiated an application process to pay for residential care for individuals who are suffering from various gambling addictions.

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