Reviewing Pragmatic Play’s Super 8 Baccarat – Side Bets and More

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Pragmatic Play Super 8 Baccarat stands out when compared to most live baccarat games. It is known for its impressive selection of side bets, the game quickly became a favorite with live baccarat players. In addition to offering high-quality basic gameplay, the side bets, which are optional, give players additional flexibility in their play and, of course, more chances to win.

Fortunately, Pragmatic Play has developed its live game exceptionally well, allowing you to enjoy the convenience of playing at home on your favorite online baccarat sites without missing out on the brick-and-mortar casino experience.

The Basics of Pragmatic Play’s Super 8 Baccarat

At its core, Super 8 Baccarat retains the simplicity of traditional baccarat. Players choose between three betting positions: Banker, Player or Tie. The game follows a set of predetermined rules, with the dealer managing the gameplay. A hand wins by having a higher total value than the opponent, and the maximum possible score is nine.

The dealing involves two cards for each position, with face cards valued at zero and others at their face value. As is standard, if the total exceeds ten, only the second digit counts as the hand’s value. The game pays 1:1 for Player wins, while Banker wins have a 5% commission, resulting in a 0.95:1 payout. Unusually, if the game ends in a Tie, then all bets are refunded, but there is an 8:1 payout for successful Tie bets.

Super 8 Baccarat’s Unique Features

There are a number of features that set this game apart from standard Live Baccarat games:

  • Special Side Bets – Super 8 Baccarat introduces seven special side bets, including Player Red, Player Black, Banker Red, Banker Black, and Super 8.
  • Bet Availability – After 30 hands, certain side bets like Banker/Player Red/Black and Super 8 are disabled and after 50 hands, the Super Pairs bets are likewise disabled.
  • Return to Player (RTP) – The side bets offer RTPs ranging from 95.45% to 96.54%, with Player Red/Black providing the best RTP.

A Closer Look at Super 8 Baccarat’s Side Bets

In order to fully take advantage of all that Super 8 Baccarat has to offer, it is important that all the side bets are properly understood so that they can be incorporated into a player’s strategy:

  • Super 8 Side Bet – This bet focuses on Natural 8s in both Banker and Player hands. A payout is won if a Natural 8 is dealt. The payout for a Player or Banker Natural 8 is 4:1; if the round ends with a Natural 8 Tie, the payout is 6:1, and if the Player or Banker loses with a Natural 8, the payout is 6:1.
  • Player and Banker Super Pairs – Based on the first two cards of each hand, this bet offers a range of payouts, with the highest being a 40:1 payout for a Pair of Diamond 4s, followed by 30:1 for Diamond Pairs (other than 4s), 20:1 for other pairs of 4s, and 10:1 for other pairs.
  • Player/Banker Red/Black Side Bet – These bets depend on the color and/or suit of the initial two or three cards, with differing payouts for the Player and Banker bets.

A Choice of Roadmaps

A key feature of Super 8 Baccarat is its roadmaps, which track results. This game offers detailed roadmaps like the baccarat Big Road and the Bead Plate, presenting data in different formats and including information on side bet outcomes.

Super 8 Return to Player and Payouts

While the side bet RTPs might seem average compared to slot games, they are somewhat lower than typical Live Casino standards. Nonetheless, the payouts can be substantial, particularly for side bets like the Pair of Diamond 4’s.

A Worthwhile Addition to Any Live Casino

Pragmatic Play Super 8 Baccarat offers a calm gaming environment with clear roadmaps and smooth gameplay. The side bets add an engaging dimension, allowing for independent play without the need for a qualifying main bet. Pragmatic Play has produced an excellent game that will appeal to traditional online baccarat enthusiasts and players seeking new betting options. In short, it is worth spending some time exploring next time you are at your favorite online baccarat site.

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