Perfect Pairs Side Bet Now Available at Pragmatic Play Live Bacca...

Some baccarat purists may turn their nose up at side bets and there is no denying that many side bets have an enormous house edge. However, many players find that they introduce another layer of excitement to the game and as long as they are properly budgeted, there is absolutely no reason to avoid ... Read more

Baccarat Players Prevent Revenue Decline for Las Vegas Strip Casi...

In October, Nevada’s casino revenue reached $1.31 billion; however, proceeds from casinos on the famous Strip would have dropped had it not been for high-end baccarat players. Some of these players may have switched from playing online baccarat to visiting land-based casinos, as online baccarat site... Read more

Take a Break from Baccarat with These Shows in California’s Casin...

If you’re based in Southern California or heading there soon, there are a number of excellent places to play baccarat. You have the choice of numerous resorts as well as several smaller establishments catering to a wide range of tastes and playing styles. Furthermore, these casinos not only offer to... Read more

Vegas Dealers Arrested after Baccarat Cheating System Uncovered

Two baccarat dealers in Las Vegas have been detained and charged following an investigation that concluded the dealers allegedly helped two players cheat and win at the baccarat tables. The accusations of cheating date back to May 2022. The dealers were employed at the Rampart Casino, part of the lu... Read more

MGM Resorts New Rules Allow Pictures, Videos and Streams at Table...

The world of online baccarat, social media, streamers and influencers may be a long way from the traditional view of baccarat as an austere game, but streaming from the casino tables at Las Vegas’ gaming tables has become so widespread that MGM Resorts has been force... Read more

Macau’s Casino Sector Enjoys Unexpectedly Fast Recovery

During the first half of the year, Macau's casino operators experienced a strong rebound in gross gaming revenue (GGR), and they are now posting substantial free cash flow levels. Although GGR results for June dipped slightly compared to May in the special administrative region (SAR), it still rank... Read more

Argentinian Provinces Continue to Legalize Online Gambling

A bill has been put forward in the Argentinian province of Cordoba that will legalize online gambling in the region if it is passed. The bill will establish online gaming, defined as “carried out by electronic, computerized, telecommunication means or through other interactive procedures,” in the re... Read more
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