Rabbits’ Feet and Card Squeezing – Bringing Baccarat Players Luck

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Gambling and superstition often go hand in hand and this is especially true of baccarat. There are many players who have lucky charms, such as a rabbit’s foot, or who follow specific rituals when they play. While there may not be any truth to baccarat superstitions or gambling at all, they do provide an interesting insight into the different cultures of players and traditions from around the world. Here, we shall explore some of these superstitions, lucky charms, and rituals that you may spot next time you sit down to play baccarat.

Who knows, may some of them help you when playing online baccarat, too?

Lucky Charms Used by Baccarat Players

Baccarat players, and indeed all gamblers, often have lucky charms that they carry on themselves when playing. Common examples include a rabbit’s foot, which is believed to bring good fortune in various cultures, and the four-leaf clover, a rare variation of the common three-leaf clover.

Players might also carry personal items that hold sentimental value. They believe that these objects bring luck because of their personal connections. Some may carry religious symbols, while others may carry gifts from a loved one or an object that they came to possess in lucky circumstances. During gameplay, you might see players place these objects in a specific place, touch them before placing a bet, or even talking to them.

Lucky Rituals and Practices Found at Baccarat Tables

If you’ve ever spent time at the baccarat tables in a popular land casino, the chances are that you will have witnessed some kind of ritual taking place. One of the most common is card squeezing. This is when players slowly peel back the corners of the cards to gradually reveal their values. While this is not a ritual designed to bring luck, it does add suspense and drama to the game.

Another ritual involves the arrangement of chips. Players may stack their chips in a particular way before placing a bet. Some believe that the way chips are arranged can affect the game’s energy and, therefore, the results.

The handling of cards is also ritualized by some players. In private or high-stakes games, players may be allowed to touch and bend the cards, a practice rarely seen in other card games. This bending, known as ‘pinching’, is thought to bring luck.

Some of these rituals are culture-specific. For example, in many Asian casinos, it is common to see red cards and betting chips. Red is considered a lucky color that brings wealth and good fortune in many Asian cultures.

Blowing on cards to ‘blow away’ bad luck is another ritual practiced by some players. Before revealing the cards, a player might blow on them, hoping to improve the odds in their favor.

Choosing a specific seat at the baccarat table is also a ritual for many. Players often believe that certain positions at the table can be luckier than others, based on previous wins or personal superstitions.

Finally, the order in which cards are dealt is observed closely by some players. They may have specific bets or actions they prefer to take depending on how cards are distributed to the player and banker’s hands.

Other Baccarat Charms and Rituals from Around the World

There are many more baccarat playing lucky charms and rituals to be found around the world. For example, in the United States and Europe, it is not unusual for players to adopt personal rituals such as wearing a specific shirt or hat that has previously brought them luck in games.

In Italy, gamblers are known to avoid the number 13, similar to widespread superstitions about this number in other parts of the world. They might also perform gestures such as knocking on wood to prevent bad luck during a crucial play, a practice that can be traced back to ideas in ancient folklore about warding off evil spirits.

In Latin America, some players carry small religious figures or place them on the gambling table for good luck. Often players will say a prayer or make the sign of the cross before a game.

In Monaco and other parts of Europe, players can regularly be seen carrying out specific routines before placing a bet, such as tapping the table a certain number of times, while in Russia, gamblers might carry a lock of hair from a loved one, believed to bring them good luck.

In short, every culture has its own lucky charms and rituals designed to bring good luck, and as long as a player does not put too much faith in them, they are not only harmless but also bring a cultural dimension to the baccarat tables.

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