Baccarat Myths That Every Player Should Ignore

Baccarat Myths

Largely thanks to online baccarat, there has been somewhat of a baccarat revolution, with more people enjoying the game today than ever before. However, there are certain persistent myths and misconceptions that surround the game, many of which are detrimental to players’ enjoyment of the game. Here we will take you through eight of these baccarat myths to set the record straight.

Myth 1: Baccarat is Only for High Rollers

One of the most persistent myths about baccarat is that it’s exclusively for the very rich and high rollers. However, while this may once have been true, it hasn’t been for a very long time. There are of course still high roller baccarat tables, but there are plenty of options for those with a smaller bank roll. Furthermore, online casinos often have extremely small minimum bets, so everyone can enjoy baccarat online.

Myth 2: Blackjack-Style Counting Cards Works in Baccarat

Many people mistakenly think that card counting techniques used by blackjack players can be directly transferred to baccarat. However, due to different way that the games work, card counting in baccarat is simply not an effective tool. Furthermore, even if the count does become favorable in baccarat, there is very little that players can do to take advantage of it.

Myth 3: Baccarat Strategy Must be Complex to be Effective

Some players believe that they need to learn a complicated strategy to win in baccarat. Nothing could be further from the truth. Baccarat is a game of chance, and the most effective strategy is the simplest one. For example, only betting on the banker position is generally a good approach as it has a lower house edge. There’s no need for complex mathematics or advanced betting patterns when playing baccarat.

Myth 4: The Tie Bet is a Good Option

The tie bet is attractive due to its large payout, normally 8:1 or 9:1, depending on the casino. However, the house edge on a tie bet is significantly higher than on either the banker or player bets. It is an enormous 14.36%, making it a bet that is best avoided most of the time.

Myth 5: Patterns and Streaks Should Dictate Your Bets

Many baccarat games offer either a history view or a selection of roadmap scorecards. This causes many to assume that they can spot patterns or streaks in the game. However, each round of baccarat is independent of the last, which means that streaks and patterns are entirely coincidental. The best strategy for long term success is to focus on the odds.

Myth 6: Casinos Cheat at Baccarat

This myth is gradually dying out; however, it likely comes from the secretive and luxurious atmosphere that used to surround baccarat in land casinos. However, the truth is that if you are playing at a respectable casino that is licensed and undergoes regular audits, you can be confident that you are playing a fair game and have a true chance of winning. A casino found to be cheating would be facing reputational ruin and the possibility of severe legal penalties.

Myth 7: You Should Always Bet on the Banker

While the banker bet does have a lower house edge, many players find that constantly betting on the banker makes the game a bit monotonous. Furthermore, the commission charged on winning banker bets shouldn’t be ignored. Therefore, it is okay to occasionally bet on the player and aim for commission-free wins.

Myth 8: Switching Tables Helps Change Your Luck

Some people believe that if they’re on a losing streak, switching tables will change their luck. However, this is pure superstition and there is absolutely no truth to it whatsoever.

Focus on Fun Not Myths

Next time you approach the baccarat tables, whether online or in a land casino, keep the above myths in mind. Recognizing that they are nothing but myths will increase your chances of success as you won’t be wasting money on unfavorable bets or spending your time looking for nonexistent patterns. Instead, you can focus on that which is most important, having fun.

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