The Sphere’s Operator Confident about the Future despite Reporting a Loss

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Las Vegas’s newest attraction the Sphere arena, which cost $2.3 billion to build, has said that it had an operating loss of $98.4 million in the fiscal quarter ending September 30th.

The entertainment venue, the first of its kind in the world, opened its doors on September 29 th with two U2 shows that received glowing reviews. The figures were released on an earnings call, but CEO of Sphere Entertainment Co. James Dolan wasted no time reassuring shareholders that the venue has had a “great start”.

According to Sphere Entertainment, the losses are due to “corporate overhead, expenses related to Sphere Studios and associated content and technology development as well as costs related to operating Las Vegas venue”.

The U2 shows generated a fair amount of revenue, $4.1 million event in revenue and $2.6 million from suite licensing and advertising. However, there were just two shows in the quarter, so the Sphere losses are not surprising.

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Sphere Entertainment Confident about the Future

Now that the venue is fully open, Sphere Entertainment has said that it is confident about the future.

On the call, Dolan explained that they are just at the start of the Sphere’s journey and that “while it will take some time for Sphere to realize its full potential, we’re off to a great start”.

Since opening its doors, Dolan said that the company has “grossed over $1 million in average daily ticket sales”, primarily for its show “The Sphere Experience”. Tickets for the shows start at $69, but at peak times, they can be as much as $249.

Visitors will be able to marvel at the outside of the building, which is covered in 1.2 million LED lights, making it the world’s largest video display by far. Inside, there is a 16K curved screen measuring 250 foot tall and 400 foot wide and it is one of the highest-resolution displays ever made.

The experience is split into two parts. The first is 60 minutes in the atrium and includes:

  • Holographic art installations
  • Chat with interactive robots
  • 360-degree avatar capture
  • Rings of time
  • 22nd-century technology

Visitors then go to watch the film “Postcard from Earth”, which was created by the Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Darren Aronofsky. The 50-minute film is a multi-sensory experience that was filmed in 18k resolution and makes use of beam-forming sounds. The audience is sat in haptic seats that move with the film.

CFO Resigns Just 10 Days before Earnings Call

While Dolan may be confident about the future, there has already been controversy with CFO Guantam Ranji quitting on October 30 th, just ten days before the financial figures were released.

It was reported that Ranji resigned following a meeting in which Dolan, whose company also owns the New York Knicks NBA team and Madison Square Garden, rebuked him. According to those present, Dolan was “yelling and screaming” at Ranji in the meeting, and the now-former CFO simply “calmly” left the room in the middle and handed in his resignation letter to the company’s general counsel.

His resignation so close to the quarterly earnings presentation was shocking to many, with one source describing it as “unheard of”.

Ranji had only been in the role for 11 months and Greg Brunner, the company’s senior vice president, has replaced him on an interim basis. During the earnings call, Dolan said that Ranji was not a “good fit” for the company.

He said that changes are coming to the company and that there are “no issues with reporting”, adding that it is “all in good shape”.

He added, “I will say the CFO’s job at Sphere years has a heavy operational component that probably we didn’t foresee. So we’re moving on. And there, I don’t expect much to change.”

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